Whether you have a large team of people supported by a data center, a small office with a few computers,  or just a personal laptop computer and smartphone, Kokua Technologies supports the systems that you need to run your business. We install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot (a.k.a. Help): Desktop, Laptop and Workstation Computers; Server Hardware and Operating Systems; Software Applications; Mobile Devices; Hardware Peripherals (Printers, Routers, etc.); and Computer Networks at Multiple Locations.

Support Tickets

Existing customers of Graphical Interface may create a new support ticket by sending an email to our helpful plastic hula girl at help@itskokua.com or completing our online form. She will reply with a ticket number and this will make sure that we are tracking all of the details.

Remote Service

For new customers who do not yet have our Drumbeat support agent software, you can download TeamViewer (v.3) software below, which will allow us to remotely control your machine.

Alternatively, we may direct you to start a free join.me session.