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Client Testimonials

Read What Clients Are Saying About Kokua

We help various businesses in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Florida with their IT needs. Read below how we have helped some businesses and what they had to say about it.

I was very concerned about loss of critical patient data and potential disruption to my practice during the transition from the old system to the new system. Everyone at Kokua, from the owners of the company to the (Tech Kahunas), was there every step of the way. They truly understood my needs…so that there was no disruption to patient care. Dr. Andrew R. Samuel, D.M.D. Advanced Periodontics and Dental Implants, LLC Download Full Testimonial

They helped us transition from our in-house MS Exchange Server to Office365. Kokua Technologies orchestrated the transition over the weekend and came (on site) the following week to setup all devices to make sure email was setup properly. I was very impressed with the work they did; the entire transition was so seamless. Leo Park, Information Resources Assistance Greater New Jersey Annual Conference Download Full Testimonial

From a new server install to reloading an OS, Kokua technicians have exhibited an in depth knowledge of current technology needs and an understanding of our systems and infrastructure. Kokua removes the burden of managing your IT needs in house so you can run your business. Ryan Weeks, Director of Operations  Sparkling Pool Services, Inc. Download Full Testimonial

We were is crisis mode…I do not know what would have happened if Kokua Technologies had not come to our rescue. We were in a potentially business ending situation, and they helped us to turn it around and have been with us every step of the way since then. Walter P. Harris, Jr. M.D., President/Owner Rittenhouse Eye Associates Download Full Testimonial

Each and every Kokua staff member we have worked with has gone above and beyond to fulfill our IT needs, and for that we are truly grateful. You have successfully embodied the helpful spirit suggested in your name. Suzanne Farrell  Accent Dermatology Download Full Testimonial