Kokua Drumbeat

Take the Stress Out of Preventative Maintenance

Do you hear that? That’s the rhythm of your computer system. With our computer monitoring software, Kokua Drumbeat, we can hear that rhythm too. Kokua Drumbeat connects your system to our network where we can monitor for hardware and software problems which is the ultimate solution in preventative computer maintenance! It tracks application failures, hard drive health, out of date or missing anti-malware software, available updates to the operating system, incorrect security settings, blacklisted software installations, server and system application logs, login access and failures, network configuration problems, application crashes and server outages. It recognizes when a new system is added to your network and when an existing system isn’t connecting.

Kokua Drumbeat Preventative Maintenance for Your Desktop or Laptop

When you need help, see an error, or have a question, Kokua Drumbeat makes it easy to take a quick screenshot of an error message, create a help request ticket, and chat with one of our Tech Kahunas. Drumbeat enables us to fix more problems remotely, keeping your cost down. Drumbeat doesn’t interrupt your work either, as we can fix many problems in the background without interrupting your work. Remote installation of Drumbeat is free. If you prefer, we can schedule an on-site visit to install Drumbeat, however this will be billed at our standard hourly rates. All we need is your permission to install the software. Drumbeat works on Windows/Macintosh and Linux based desktop, laptop and server machines and is an excellent, cost-effective solution for preventative computer maintenance.

Simply put, Drumbeat helps us listen, so we can help when you need it.

Kokua Drumbeat Features