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Kokua SPF - Spam Filtering

SPAM Management & Filtering

Kokua SPF is a managed email filter which monitors and controls inbound email traffic. Inbound email filtering involves scanning messages from the Internet addressed to users protected by the filtering system or for lawful interception. With Kokua SPF, clients receive protection against email-borne viruses with up to 5 antivirus scanning engines. SPF uses advanced spam-blocking technology with a spam capture rate of over 99% along with content filtering which helps protect your company from accidental or malicious data leaks.

How Kokua SPF protects your inbox from malicious spam:

  • It will eliminate those e-mails with fake PDF invoices guaranteed 99.5 % removal of spam.
  • It has store and forward – Meaning if for any reason Office 365 goes down this system will hold all E-mail until it comes back online.
  • Zero-day exploit remediation which means any new variants of ransom virus will be caught almost instantly. This is huge!
Kokua SPF Filtering | Kokua Technologies

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